Mission and Values

Our Mission

Software teams will drive every significant human achievement. Our mission is to transform these artisanal teams to data driven scientists delivering software confidently

Our Values

Play as a team

Great things are achieved by teams and great teams happen when every person plays their position well and has got each others back.

(Inspired by Atlassian)

Make customers our fans

We are in it for making leaving our mark, that starts with making the lives our customers better and that starts by getting them to fall in love with us.

(Inspired by Jenkins)

Be the change you seek

If we find a problem, we don’t wait for the next person to fix it. We roll up our sleeves and fix it.

(Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi)

Be fair and do the right thing

We value human relationships and treating people as we would like to be treated.

(Inspired by Basecamp)

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