Slow tests got you down?

You work hard to deliver software quickly without bugs. You’re proud of your craft. Even so, your aging infrastructure is clogged with tests! Necessary tests, but they’re killing your ability to get work done.

Launchable helps you run the right tests at the right time to dramatically reduce test cycle times.

Use cases

Pull requests

Shorten time to first failure by only running tests that are likely to fail, first.

Integration tests

Run a subset of your suite every hour or on every pull request.

UI tests

Move a subset of your long running UI suite earlier in your development cycle.


Using canary deployment? Move tests that are unlikely to fail post deploy.

So how does it work?

Reorder tests by likelihood of failure

By default, most tests are run in an arbitrary order. This means many failures aren’t caught until halfway through a run or later.

Launchable identifies the tests that are most likely to fail based on the changes being tested and dynamically reorders your test suite to run them first.

Reorder your tests for every change

Shift-left a dynamic subset of tests that matter

Subset your tests dynamically

On top of intelligent reordering, Launchable can also dynamically adapt your test suite to your changes by selecting a subset of tests that are most likely to fail in real time. Use a confidence threshold to ensure that quality is maintained even while running fewer tests.

This lets you shift-left (or right) a dynamic subset of your tests to get feedback even faster.

Okay, so how do I connect it to my test suite?

A small plugin in your test runner communicates with Launchable. We use code meta-data to determine what tests to run and train a machine learning model on your test results.
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So what’s the real benefit?

Speed up time to market

Accelerate your team by running the right tests at the right time. Shorter, earlier builds mean less time waiting on tests and more time shipping what really matters.

Reduce risk of changes

Shifting-left tests that were once run later in the cycle means problematic code is detected earlier. With Launchable you’ll de-risk changes and ship higher quality.

Modernize at low cost

There’s no need for costly test restructuring or more hardware. Upgrade your test environment at low cost with Launchable. Spend your dev dollars elsewhere!

You don’t have time for slow tests!

Test what matters. Eliminate slow test cycles.