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We are a Silicon Valley startup based out of San Jose. We are in stealth mode today. The company has been started by a couple of valley veterans who love developers and making them productive and are obsessed with getting software in the hands of customers fast.

Rocket Fuel Day

Unlike a quintessential startup, we care about work-life balance and doing more for the world around. An example is Rocket-Fuel Day – Every 3rd Friday of a month is a day dedicated to ourselves, our community, and/or the world around us. We collectively choose the theme every month and plan an activity for this day.

Rocket Refuel Day isn’t just another work day; it’s a day of bonding, refueling and recharging our batteries.

Contact us

Email: info@launchableinc.com

Mailing Address

3277 S White Rd,

PMB 32851

San Jose 95148

(for mail, invoice, legal notices)

San Jose Office

75 East Santa Clara Street

Suite 7-156

San Jose, CA 95113

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